Add peace of mind to your itinerary

Whether your baggage goes missing or you must cancel your flight for specific reasons, you’ll be able to travel with peace of mind knowing that you and your family are covered for the uncertain. Always ensure that you pay for your flights and accommodation with your Visa card to take advantage of the complimentary travel insurance your card unlocks.

You can enjoy cover for trips outside of your country of residence and for some trips within your country of residence.

Making claims

In the event that a claim needs to be made, you must provide all the relevant information within 28 days of the incident or loss. Claims may only be filed for purchases made with your Visa card.

Submit claim online

To submit your claim online please follow this link: New Claims Portal.

WhatsApp (Please call us by telephone should you have a medical emergency!)

  • Scan QR code:
QR code to contact support service via WhatsApp

Please note that WhatsApp channel is currently available only in English.



Download general FAQs

Certificate and policy downloads

Please register using your Visa Card to view your qualifying cover and confirmation of coverage. You can generate a travel insurance certificate for your Visa application or evidence of cover. Simply visit and click on Insurance Benefits. Please provide your card information to verify what benefits are available to you and the terms and conditions that apply.

Your card details will not be stored. Once you have verified your card, you may click on Travel Insurance and thereafter download the Certificate of Insurance. A PDF document will be made available to you on which you can populate details of the travellers. You can save or print the Certificate of Insurance.

Types of cover

Visa does not undertake any insurance business or act as an insurer, insurance broker, insurance advisor or insurance agent. Insurance services and benefits are administered by Aspire Insurance Advisers Limited. The benefits of the insurance Policy records the terms under which Chubb Insurance South Africa Limited (“Chubb”) have agreed to provide cover to Visa International Service Association (“Visa”) as policyholder for the benefit of Cardholders. Chubb Insurance South Africa Limited (Reg. No. 1973/008933/06) is an authorised Financial Services Provider (FSP No. 27176). The policy wording will take precedence over all the guidance contained in the website and in all instances the terms and conditions of the policy wording will apply.

Get assistance

In the event of a travel medical emergency, call the 24/7 Assistance Department on:

While abroad, contact us for all medical enquiries, whether routine or emergency:

  • Free and unlimited health advice
  • Find a local nurse or internationally-trained doctor near you
  • Find medication or medical equipment*
  • Travel advice on loss of travel documents
  • Legal referrals and interpreter*

In an emergency, we provide all necessary emergency services, including:

  • Arranging medical transportation and care*
  • Monitoring your condition and provide advice along the way
  • Evacuating you, if necessary*
  • Contacting your family, so they know you are in good hands
*Indicates cardholder is responsible for all costs and expenses incurred. Visa Infinite and Visa Signature cardholders can refer to the travel insurance policy document for detailed coverage of fees as per the policy.

+27 (11) 541 1068

Arabic, English, French
International SOS

+971 (4) 253 6024

Arabic, English, French

Qualifying cards

Your discerning tastes deserve equally exclusive privileges

All Signature cardholders receive additional privileges, ranging from lounge access and concierge services to travel insurance and more.

Life’s elite pleasures the way you like it

Curated indulgences pave the way for an elite lifestyle with an Infinite card, where cardholders have the highest access to all benefits.